Spirit of Courage Award

The Nancy Owens Spirit of Courage Award recognizes extraordinary courage in the face of adversity resulting from the diagnosis of cancer.

The Nancy Owens Memorial Foundation was created in the name and honor of Nancy Owens, who enjoyed a long, successful real estate career spanning several decades. Nancy embodied such a bold spirit as she fought hard and won her battle against breast cancer—not once, but twice!

During her life, Nancy became a role model for so many of her peers. It was Nancy’s dream and wish that if she had survived her third, and final, battle with breast cancer, she would help in the fight against this terrible disease. Nancy lost her battle with breast cancer in September 2001.

This award reflects the courage of an extraordinary individual who has fought the battle against cancer—and won!

Spirit of Courage Award Recipients

Betty Bezemer
Nancy Elizabeth Garfield
Teresa Landa
Andrea Potts Snoody
2009: Sharon Dreyer
2010: Mary E. Parker
2011: Maxine Myers
2012: Lance Sims
2013: Raghda Henthorne
2014: Sheri Malone
2015: Lourdes Hernandez
2016: Donna Vallone

2016 Spirit of Courage Award: Donna Vallone

Donna Vallone is a 9-year breast cancer survivor because of early detection at her annual mammogram. She is passionate about spreading the work to women of all ages to be diligent in scheduling their mammograms as they saved her life.

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2015 Spirit of Courage Award: Lourdes Hernandez

Lourdes Hernandez counts herself blessed to be here and to have the privilege to serve as a “breast cancer volunteer activist.” Over the last 20 years, she has given her heart, soul, wisdom, passion, and thousands of volunteer hours to battling this disease and helping others.

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2014 Spirit of Courage Award: Sheri Malone

Sheri Malone, originally from Georgia, is the daughter of a Baptist minister. She grew up in Seabrook, Texas, has been married for nearly 42 years to her high school sweetheart, is the mother of two daughters and has two little grandsons. Her father passed away from...

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2013 Spirit of Courage Award: Raghda Henthorne

Raghda Henthorne moved to Houston in 1981, when times were simpler and technology wasn’t as pervasive in our everyday lives. Her main focus was raising three happy, healthy and well-adjusted kids—and that’s just what she did. Once her youngest started school, she set...

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2012 Spirit of Courage Award: Lance Sims

Lance Sims was born in 1937 on a farm between Damon and West Columbia, Texas. Lance is the youngest of 10 boys. In those days, the Sims family learned how to live off the land and how to live within their means. They grew what they ate and had just enough money to buy...

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2011 Spirit of Courage Award: Maxine Myers

Maxine Myers, born in Aransas Pass, Texas came into a life wrought with hardship. Her mother became the sole supporter of Maxine and her brother when they were very young. Maxine witnessed first-hand the real life lesson of courage as she watched her mother struggle...

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